RPG Maker MZ is now supported by Plug2in (0.2.3)!

The main changes are rich plugin commands for RPG Maker MZ and adjustments to the built-in Intiface connection/options menu to make it work there as well. It also fixes a potential reliability issue in case $dataSystem is loaded late.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting devices to stay connected with Windows 11, but the brief time it worked tells me the (unchanged) device control portion of this plug2in is still in good order. If anything doesn't function as expected despite Intiface showing the device(s) as connected, please let me know in the comments.


Plug2in 0.2.* 1,006 kB
Version 0.2.3 Sep 27, 2023
Plug2in 0.2.* (source code) 20 kB
Version 0.2.3 Sep 27, 2023

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