0.2.2 Update (small fixes + new feature)

I just released a small update:

  • fixed a theoretical issue where vibration could remain on when using PlugPlug sync now while PlugPlug vibe pulse is ongoing without active repeating pattern.
  • documented the JS API with JSDoc documentation. This should show up when you use the library directly in an editor that supports it, now, and explains some details more accurately.
  • New feature: Use PlugPlug config to show the pictured configuration menu from event scripts!
    This will usually pause the entire game (like the pause menu), but at the very least should block until this menu is closed by the player.
    • (This was already possible from JavaScript with SceneManager.push(Scene_PlugPlugOptions);, but this new PlugPlug.config() endpoint also returns a Promise that resolves when the menu is closed, so it should be easier to use from JS too.)


Plug2in 0.2.* 32 kB
Version 0.2.2 Dec 20, 2022
Plug2in 0.2.* (source code) 22 kB
Version 0.2.2 Dec 20, 2022

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