0.2 Update (major rewrite)!

I've rewritten the plugin from scratch to give you much more control over the rumble pattern playback, including a brand new cancellable pattern queue (for seamless transitions) and plugin commands that optionally wait for a pulse to complete or repeating pattern to start.

Commands will run independently of whether there is a connection now, and will throw errors if misused, so you largely don't have to connect Intiface to make sure everything works as expected - but you can check whether a connection is active through a new JS function, if necessary.

The current repeating pattern is now saved into the save slot, and resumes when the game is loaded. A new Options sub-menu also makes it possible for players to connect and configure the settings right from the title and pause menus, so you don't have to create your own setup menu anymore and can get started making patterns immediately. All menu entries can be renamed, so this should work well also for non-English games.
(The active configuration is now saved in the global config save and can also be retrieved through the JS API, if necessary.)

Also check out the new Pattern Composer for a faster pattern design workflow!
Clicking the "MV" button there gives you a plugin command that you can paste directly into RPG Maker.

Overall, the quality of this plugin is now such that I'd feel comfortable selling it (and a lot of work went into making it so). For that reason, I've enabled the "Name your own price" option on this page, and would greatly appreciate any support.

If you would like to also support development and maintenance of the underlying sex toy control layer, please head to buttplug.io for ways to support that project directly.

Edit - 0.2.1

I noticed there was a small race condition where the PlugPlug connect command could freeze if hit too fast in a row. That's fixed now.


Plug2in 0.2.* 1,006 kB
Version 0.2 Dec 18, 2022
Plug2in 0.2.* (source code) 20 kB
Version 0.2 Dec 18, 2022

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