Update to match GROVE v0.204

I've updated the flowchart with the events added or updated in GROVE up to v0.204.

RegalBuster and SirIzike added quite a lot of new content for v0.2 and made their game overall much more non-linear, so I created a number of new layouts to hopefully keep the same level of precision and clarity here as before.
(They were also so kind as to check this new version of the flowchart for errors just before release. Thank you!)

For the Dunes area specifically, I tried something new and mapped it out spatially, also because there's not really any order to the places available there. Please let me know if this is helpful or if I could still improve something in that area.
(A layout like this takes more effort than the "automatic" timeline ones, so it only makes sense if it actually improves the chapter's clarity.)

I've also added a few more "badge" type symbols, explained in the legend.
(Hint: If you press Ctrl+F and search for corruption, for example, you can quickly jump to the badges indicating a corruption increase too.
I recommend having a look at the older areas again in general though, as there have been a few smaller changes to them between older versions and v0.2 of GROVE. I've annotated the scenes that now have variations in different circumstances.)

Finding all branches (and running from all skippable enemies) was a lot of effort this time around, so I'm going to take a break for a bit 😅
I'm still interested in including fan works that relate to or branch off of specific story events or chapters, just maybe a bit more passively than before, so if you'd like to see yours mentioned here please don't hesitate to send me a message.

- Qazm


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Feb 04, 2022

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Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your work!! This sounds hard as shit to keep track of


The secret is taking a nice screenshot of an event (this can take a few tries, but ShareX makes it quicker in "Fixed size region mode") and then immediately adding the entry to the flowchart, before I do anything else.
The layout is fortunately mostly self-arranging: I still have to tell it how the scenes relate to each other and where and how to put the links, but for the most part I don't need to worry about avoiding overlaps.

I've also been using version control software, which makes it easier to see where I left off in the previous session.

A lot of effort went into actually (not)running into the events and branches in the first place, though.
(I wasn't quite testing every possibility, since there's a certain rhythm to the game, which let me guess some of the details.)