Update 1

I've updated the timeline with three (non-canon) stories by Cyro Valithum.
Thanks for letting me include them, those were enjoyable reads!

There are also a few very small layout changes, but most likely nothing you'd notice without a side-by-side comparison.
(I tried to fix mobile view but failed so far. If anyone has experience with this on Itch, please let me know.)

As always: if you'd like to see your work here, don't hesitate to let me know!
Stories tend to be a bit easier to place than other types of creation, but that's why I have the "additional fan works" section for those that can't be pinpointed more precisely.

- Qazm


a GROVE timeline as of v0.122a (Update 1) (download).zip 5 MB
Aug 19, 2021

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