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where is the commander camp?

It's west/to the left of the inn. The map changes after a certain point in the story, but you can still get the scene there. The tent area just looks a bit different.

How do I unlock the CG in the picture?I've tried a lot of things before without success。Does anybody know how to explain that?


is this included in the walkthrough?


Up to 0.12 yes, but I think this is a new chest in 0.2.

You can't miss it anymore if you're followed this flowchart so far to see all events, though.


I'm sorry, I got it following the story of 0.204[this scene will trigger after completing the 0.204 and talking to the blacksmith]


There are a few small post-game events in that version again, yes. I should have specified.

I'll have them in the flowchart again, once I publish the update to it. It's not quite ready yet, but it's close :)


I found a glitch that made me laugh harder than i ever laughed before. So, the box of unusual fruits in the village? Eat one before you go with the blacksmith to the bridge to the north. But don't take the hassle to walk, teleport. The dialogue of the fruit will screw with the travelling along the bridge. I had Grove moaning and c*mming during the dialogue of the blacksmith looking at the abandoned bridge. I've literally never laughed so hard in my life. The Jacksmith talking to the Blacksmith.

Thank you, Grove devs, i really needed the laughter and joy in this kinda rough time in my life, even if it was an unintentional glitch!

i realized i posted this on the wrong page, i'm very very sorry ;~;

Will you be updating this for 0.2?


Yes, but it will take a while. I'll wait after the game stabilises a bit more, then play through it casually again a second time while making different choices.

I'll start work on the flowchart only afterwards, as before, since I'll have a better feel for the branching points again.

Afterwards, I'll have to really experiment with which action causes what, since there seem to be a few events that require multiple others to happen first.

I'd expect an update here in at least two weeks at the earliest.

(I'll probably start to ask fan artists about linking more works related to 0.122a beforehand, though. I've seen a few more were posted by the creators on their accounts outside the Discord, which makes them easier to link to.)

No worries. Take your time.

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