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I got stuck in the mission to deliver the things although I already did it with the 4 I understand although they gave me other objects that I don't know if I will use them or not. 😞

Apart from the fact that I talked to all the npc's that can be talked to and it still won't let me complete the mission.

Check the item descriptions in your key item inventory; these should say where to deliver them.

Where in the game can we find these scenes?

The first should be part of the main story, but it may depend on whether you go north or south first once you get the titanium.

For the second, lose to a Primal Jungle Slug.

any word on an update?

I'm currently reconsidering whether the format is sustainable, since I most likely won't be able to update the chart before the next GROVE update arrives.

(The chart is hand-written in HTML without a visual editor, since I haven't found an editor that can do this. Unfortunately, this approach scales badly to larger charts, and each update also requires what amounts to around five or six complete playthroughs of the game. I don't currently expect to be in a position where either would be feasible for me any time soon.)

Maybe we could crowdsource this somehow? I currently don't have the time or spare energy to organise that, either, but it would be less work per person.

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