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Hey i couldn't figure out how to get this to work. Does it work in RPG maker games? Do i just paste it into the plugins folder and open the game?

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The plugin also needs to be enabled in plugins.js, usually by the game's creator using the editor.

You can paste the following line into that file to enable it for (most) existing RPG Maker MV and MZ games though, after pasting Qz_AutoAdvance.js into js/plugins/:


(Towards the end of the $plugins array, among the other plugins. It should be clear once you open it with a plaintext editor.)

Like this?  sorry im not a programming master

Fuck i got it to work for one game but not this one, does something obviously look wrong in the place where i pasted it?

It's possible that one of the other plugins interferes with it.

Also, make sure to save the file and then restart the game! I sometimes forget to.

You also have added it in line 24 accidentally here. It likely won't work if you add it more than once.

I tweaked the default settings a bit after recording, so by default the base delay is now 90 (1.5 seconds) and the character delay is 2.5 (2.5 seconds / 60 characters).

The GIF was recorded with base delay 60 (1 second) and character delay 2.0 (2.0 seconds / 60 characters), which is most likely a bit too fast for a comfortable first read.